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Mother of Pearl Sapphire Swarovski ® Crystallized Reindeer Set - Signed & Numbered (01/ 01 ) Only Sapphire set of 2020


Mother of Pearl Sapphire Swarovski ® Crystallized Reindeer Set - Signed & Numbered (01/ 01 ) Only Sapphire set of 2020



• 7.50 lbs.
• 8.50 x 5.0 x13 
• Pewter Based Metal
• Swarovski ® Crystals
• Mother of Pearl Expoy Enamel Finish
• Proudly Designed and Hand-Crafted in the USA

The combination of Mother of Pearl and Swarovski ® Crystals makes this Reindeer Statuette Set perfectly breathtaking. Designed and adorned by Isabella Adams with meticulous attention to detail both reindeer feature an impressive saddle encrusted with Sapphire Swarovski ® Crystals and striking blue crystal eyes.

“When we first decided to create our Weighted Animal Figurine line, Jim and I were battling back and forth ideas on what animal we should make first. Should we start with an owl, a dog, or maybe an elephant? We finally came around to our decision with the help of one of the most unlikely of sources. Jim and I had had our granddaughter Brooke over for the weekend. She was busy coloring in one of those princess coloring books at the kitchen table while Jim and I were hovering around his laptop, looking at different animals that could possibly be the first figurine.

Brooke, the precocious child that she was, decided that we weren’t paying sufficient enough attention to her. So, she made her way over to us, coloring book in hand. Jim and I were still caught up in what we were doing and scarcely noticed her little hand pulling on my sleeve. She finally had enough and flopped the coloring book down in front of us.

Taken aback I asked her, “Brooke, what do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m helping,” Brooke replied matter of factually.

Jim and I examined the coloring book. It was opened to a half colored depiction of the classic fairy tale, The Princess, and The Frog.

“It’s my favorite.” she said simply, taking the book back with her to continue completing her masterpiece.

Jim leaned back in his chair and laughed. He looked at me and I knew instantly what he was thinking.

“So, we’re doing a frog?’ he asked.

“I guess so,” I replied.

And that is how Rivet the Frog was born. And with him came the rest of our Swarovski © embellished Weighted Animal Figurines that continue to bring a little sparkle and fun into homes around the world.”

• Use a dry cotton cloth to remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, etc.
• For removal of more difficult foreign matter use a damp cotton cloth.
• Do not use any solvents or cleaning solutions on the crystal or finishes (such as alcohol, 409, Windex, etc.)
• Windex or Windex like cleaning solutions can be used on Vanity Mirror & Tray Glass. However, do not spray this solution on the crystals.
• Do not use a silver polishing cloth or any other type of polishing cloth on plated finishes.