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Soap Pump Featuring Premium Crystal


Soap Pump Featuring Premium Crystal


Sold out

• Premium Crystals
• Bright Rhodium Plating finish
• Smooth Glass
• Size: 8"H x 3 ½"OD
• Proudly designed and handcrafted in the USA.

Embellished with Clear Premium Crystals, our lavish Soap Pump will give your bath or powder room a truly unique sense of style and elegance.

“I’ve been very fortunate that life’s taken me to many different places and I’ve gotten to live in some fantastic homes. But there’s always that adjustment period where you’re trying to make a new house a home. You’ve got to make sure every room is just right. Whether it’s the kitchen or your bedroom, you need to feel at ease and that the décor reflects your style and personality. And that feeling is especially important for your bathroom décor. After moving into my latest abode, I only felt that it had truly become home when I had finally set up my vanity just the way I liked it.

Our Bath & Vanity line was inspired by a need for luxury that reflects your beauty and style. Bring a light into your home with our amazing Soap Pumps and Tooth Brush holders and enjoy our lovingly crafted Vanity Mirrors and Vanity Trays. Dazzled with sparkling Premium crystals, our Bath & Vanity line is here to make you feel fabulous and at home!”

• Hand wash interiors only with warm water.
• Use a dry cotton cloth to remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, etc.
• For removal of more difficult foreign matter use a damp cotton cloth.
• Do not use any solvents or cleaning solutions on the crystal or finishes (such as alcohol, 409, Windex, etc.)
• Windex or Windex like cleaning solutions can be used on Vanity Mirror & Tray Glass. However, do not spray this solution on the crystals.
• Do not use a silver polishing cloth or any other type of polishing cloth on plated finishes.


Soap Recommendations and Dispenser Maintenance
Quality soap dispensers require good soap quality and periodic maintenance to properly operate. Isabella Adams soap dispensers/ pumps will provide dependable, consistent operation over the long term when soap with reasonable viscosity and PH levels are used and when a small amount of periodic maintenance is performed on the valve.
Soap thickness is determined by a measurement called viscosity. Soap viscosity should be between 100 cps (center poise) and 2500 cps for Isabella Adams products. Thinner soaps are perceived by the users as being “watered down” so users tend to take more than they need, resulting in waste. Thick soaps flow slower and inhibit the “flushing” action of the valve, which allows the soap to congeal in the valve and cause clogs. Never use skin lotions, skin moisturizers, hand sanitizers or creams of any kind in an Isabella Adams soap dispenser. Soaps containing any granules of any type should never be used as well.

The PH (acid) level of the soap should be in the range of 6.5 to 8.5. More acidic soaps (PH levels lower then 6.5) WILL CORRODE metal parts (even stainless steel & rhodium plating) and degrade rubber and plastic components. Remember, ANY soap that will corrode metal will also cause harm to your skin over repeated and/or long term use (including skin irritation, allergic reactions and other medical issues). Most inexpensive soaps (typically “lotion” types) fall into this acidic category and will eventually cause valve failure and metal corrosion. Base soaps (PH levels higher then 8.5) will cause swelling and degradation of rubber and plastic parts and skin irritation.

The use of non soaps (skin lotions, skin moisturizers, hand sanitizers and creams), soaps with PH levels outside the recommended range, soaps with a viscosity outside the recommended range or any soap containing granules of any type is expressively prohibited for use in any Isabella Adams soap dispensers/pumps and such use will void any warranty. Generally, any quality soap meeting the viscosity and PH guidelines above will work well in your Isabella Adams soap dispenser.

Valves must also be maintained (cleaned) on a regular basis in order to function properly. At a minimum, hot water should be pumped through valves periodically to clear out soap residue. Never soak the top of a Crystallized Soap dispenser in hot water. This could damage the crystal attachment. Simply fill the soap dispenser’s glass reservoir up about ½ with hot water and proceed to pump the hot water out until the water level is down to ¼ full.

Most soap dispenser problems are caused by soap that is too thick or corrosive, or by a lack of maintenance. Many soaps come in concentrate form which will dilute in water. Often, the soap is improperly diluted or used straight out of the bottle, which causes clogging and valve failure. If proper soap is used, valves that have never been cleaned are usually the source of dispensing problems. If you have any questions regarding the recommendations, guidelines exclusions detailed in this product directive please call us at 800-465-0772.

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